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    Send pdf for signature, then signed pdf to third party


      I have a standard pdf form that I want clients to have on their computer. They fill out the fields, then they send it off for signature. After this person signs, I need the form to go to a payment office.


      1. I want to pdf signature form to reside on different people's computers. I don't want to send it out.
      2. I want the client to fill out the form fields, then send for signature.
      3. After receiving the signature, the form needs to be sent to payroll
      4. I don't need to track anything. The clients & signer will not be able to attach a pdf to an email, as they are technically illiterate. They need to be able to push a button or something simple to trigger the next step


      How should I lay out my signature field? I know how to put in a "send" button. Can someone suggest how to lay out the cycle? I am thinking a "send button" for the person who fills out the form to send for signature. But how does the person signing get to automatically send it back to payroll? Suggestions?