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    Lost catalog , Starting fresh questions


      I have been working off my pc for the better part of two years. I then was givin a work laptop since i traveled a lot and my PC at the time was down for repairs. I started a new catalog on the laptop and now i no longer have that laptop, my pc is finally up and running now to start fresh.


      Here are my questions.


      My new company wants me to switch to a mac. Im still partial to pcs. can i create a working catalog for both platforms?

      Will creating a catalog on a new external drive be the way to go?

      whats the best way to start adding old photos back to a new catalog.


      this chat system is stupid. try to delete a word and it skips back to the beginning of the word or only deletes a few letters.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can have the catalog and images on an external hard drive that you can switch between the two computers. Make sure the hard drive is formatted appropriately so that its compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can arrange the catalog and images that you are already using on the external hard drive. There isn't any need to create a new one unless you really want to.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Jim has you pointed in the right direction.

            Macs cannot write to NTFS drives.


            Because you will be swapping between Windows and Mac, and since they identify drives very differently, each time you do the computer swap on the external drive, you will need to do the "find missing folders" procedure to properly align the LR catalog with the OS change.

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