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    Thin lines on seamless images (seen when tiled)

    CatoPbx Level 1

      What can I do to remove the very fine feint lines that all my Photoshop images have, when they are tiled? (see screen shot below, the vertical & horizontal centre lines, when I tested with the filter > offset to check the seamless result).


      This is evident when the image is viewed at high zoom when tiled, or by using the offset settings to see the result of the "seamless" image. The tiling is just out by a bit, but enough to not be perfectly seamless.


      I have tested using all image formats and no/different compressions, and with backgrounds included, and with anti-aliasing, and with bilinear, exporting/importing formats, duplicating and merging, changing the colour profiles, but nothing has worked so far. And the textures are definitely created perfectly seamless.transparent_lines_on_images.png