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    Having problems with mailform with my flash site :(

      I want to say hello to all and thanks for letting me a part of this great forum. I am having some problems with my flash site (www.alliancedirect.net) and I am using Adobe Flash CS4 now with my site with ActionScript 1.0.

      I have a form already made on the site (under contact us) but whatever I do....I can't make it work! I use GoDaddy and their gdform.psp is what they provide but they don't give the code in flash. I downloaded some different flash mail scripts and programs but I don't know how to incorporate it within my own site and I don't know what to do! I just want the information to be submitted to me via email and the other forms I will make away from the flash portion if it is too complicated.

      Please let me know what specific information you may need from me and how you can hopefully help me as soon as possible as I need this website completely up and running. Again, I appreciatre the help and look forward to being a part of your community!