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    Using pages designed in Ai for an Id book going to print - Export options?


      Hey guys,


      I am putting together an 80 page yearbook for a client which has lots of images, text and graphics. The client has provided me with 30+ pages that have already been designed in Illustrator... but InDesign is what I will be using to finish the document and package it up for print.


      The illustrator pages have been created using high-quality images and clipping masks to get them to the right size/orientation for the design. The text has been converted to outlines.


      My question is - can I export these Ai pages as a high-quality JPEG and just place the full page JPEG straight onto the InDesign page? Will the quality of images and text be crisp when it goes to print? Would a PDF be better? Is there a better way of doing this without having to redesign 30+ pages in InDesign?


      Thanks in advance!