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    Having trouble converting capture shape to live paint in illustrator.

    AVanvalkenburg Level 1


      I'm trying to convert a shape I created in Adobe capture into a live paint segment so that I can fill in the gaps of my sketch.

      I follow the steps to create a live paint but then it detects no gaps. but when i change the color of the shape the paint splotches into the document.

      Really having trouble... thanks for the help



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Anna.


          My apologies for taking so long to respond. I don't know much about Illustrator but here's the response I got when I asked for help with your query:


          It's difficult to provide a specific answer without seeing the shape itself (if she'd like to share the shape it, I can probably be more specific). But shapes need to have closed areas (completed with anchor points) in order to fill a specific area with color. If the entire document is getting filled, then she's basically just applying the color to the art board. It is important that the specific area is selected (that anchor points are selected) before filling.


          I recommend she try to just fill the shape with color before transforming it into "live paint." I've just ben trying with both features and the results are more or less the same. So basically the steps can be:


          1. Open the shape in illustrator / Drag the shape from the library panel to your artwork in Illustrator

          2. Double click on the shape to see all the areas that can be filled with color (Optional: ungroup the shape)

          3. Copy the specific area to color

          4. Paste it outside the inside/group of shapes

          5. Fill the specific area


          I hope that helps.




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