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    Uploading to YouTube - Format Issues


      1.  I have an old version of Premiere Elements (4) and I'm trying to upload a long video to YouTube.  When I use Premiere Elements' Share function/online sharing/YouTube/ , I get an error message saying my video exceeds the maximum duration supported by the destination (10 minutes) and it won't let me proceed unless I shorten the video.  But YouTube no longer has that limitation.  Is there a way to override the error message and have the video uploaded this way despite its length?  The length is no longer an issue to YouTube, only to Adobe in this older software.


      2.  In the alternative, I tried using the Share function again, this time specifying Personal Computer instead of Online Sharing as the destination.  This lets you pick among different file types to use for your video, at least some of which are supported by YouTube.  (Such as MPEG). But when you try to save the video as an MPEG, an error box appears entitled "Activating a Component" saying you need to go to a certain website (the URL is given) and input a certain Component Serial Number (also given in the error message), and further saying that that website will give me an unlock key I can enter that will allow the PE program to save the video as an MPEG.  Fine, but when you go to that URL (http://www.adobe.com/go/encoderactivation), it informs you that "this page is unavailable".  Is there a workaround for this apparently changed procedure on  Adobe's part?


      3.  In the further alternative, is there a way other than the Share function to have the file saved as one of the file types YouTube takes, perhaps using the Save As or Save a Copy command?


      4.  As a last resort, I assume if I upgraded to PE 15, the YouTube upload procedure is much more streamlined and updated and would solve my problem?


      Thank you for your help!

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          Mohammad Tahseen Adobe Employee

          Videos uploaded through app have size limitation. As a workaround, you can export them to PC first and then upload the video through browser. Problem with MPEG export that you are facing is that of Royalty Activation. Those components required certain royalty to be paid by Adobe and hence those required activation. It seems you had never used MPEG in your workflows otherwise it should have been activated. Those pages are now not maintained and unfortunately can't be activated. As a workaround, you can  try other forms of export such as Windows Media, AVI or even QuickTime and upload that exported video through browser.


          In PRE15, the size limit for upload has drastically improved, but there still is a limit. At the same time PRE15 has lot of other formats supported that you can use for export.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You would certainly find a number of advantages to upgrading to version 15, gary.


            Among them is that version 15 can output MP4s, the ideal format for uploading to social media and YouTube. That's a file format that barely existed back when version 4 was introduced!


            So, in addition to the option to upload directly to sites like YouTube, version 15 gives you many more options for producing and sharing your video in a number of modern formats.

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              ajays74965046 Adobe Employee



              We would not be able to upload longer duration video projects (more than 10 minutes) to YouTube directly from Premiere Elements.


              Please use the below link to get the code for mpeg encoder:

              Adobe MPEG Encoder - Enter Encoder Product ID


              Hope it helps.


              Thanks and regards

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                MPEGs are interlaced and make for terrible YouTube uploads, ajays.


                MP4s are ideal -- but, with version 4, your only progressive scan options would likely be WMVs.