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    remove restricted access


      Hi, I'm creating a form. I added a comment field to create a box around some fields. I saw that I was able to change this field.

      (I allso added a stamp - [Confidential])

      I clicked restrict editing and it promoted me to add a password, and I didn't want to do that and tough maybe I could just restrict without a password.

      (I know that wold not be secure, but that doesn't matter much)

      I closed the password windows, and the check box for restrict editing was cleared.

      I alls

      I clicked save, and the field changed to blue boxes (red for required)

      A bit baffled I went to the edit section again, I saw the restrict editing was sett, and when I tried to remove that I prompted if I wanted to remove, clicked yes, and then I prompted me for the password! And it will not accept a blank password!.


      (I thought I maybe, but not likely, that I entered some password. So I created a new form, did the same, and same problem)


      It lookes like I can edit the for i Acrobat, but can't remove restrict editing. That may be OK in the end, but if that is not a god solution, I want to be able to change that.


      Any ideas?


      best regards, Kristian.