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    Pixel Polly Issue


      Hey guys, I'm using the pixel polly effect and for some reason, when it 'explodes', the shreds of the left image are getting 'stuck' within some force field.

      Does anybody knows how to fix it so the shreds will spread away like the right layer and won't get stuck?

      Image may contain: fireworks, night and text

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          Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

          my guess is that the layer on which pixel polly is getting 'stuck' is smaller than, or does not extend to the edge of, your comp. Pixel polly is constrained by the edges of the layer on which it sits.


          A basic solution:

          1. Remove pixel polly from that layer - cut it to the clipboard.

          2. Precompose that layer with the 'move all attributes' option selected.

          3. Paste the pixel polly effect back onto the new precomposed layer.

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            vishuagg19 Adobe Community Professional

            Layer size / Solid size seems to be smaller  than the composition size or edges don't cover the complete comp area.


            You can simply pre-compose the layer by right pre-compose > select Leave all attributes in "current comp" > click ok.


            Than check the Collapse the Transformation icon of the layer.


            Screen shot for reference.


            Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 11.14.45 PM.png

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              ori3185g Level 1

              Thank you both!


              It worked.