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    Inverting a selection causes Photoshop to instantly crash & close, what could be causing this?


      This doesn't happen EVERY time but the majority, and it is often just after completing a cutout as I will select the path then invert it etc.

      Photoshop will instantly disappear upon hitting CMD+SHIFT+I (will also happen when using the menu button) losing up to 5 minutes work depending on whether auto recover works.


      I have had this error for a few weeks now since updating Photoshop to 17.1 along with a few colleagues, although their systems seem to do it less.

      It occurs a few times a day and I'm not sure what to do, if anyone could give any advise that would be great, have played with some settings to no avail and searched the forums but noone else seems to have the issue?



      I'm running the latest up to date version of CC on OSX 10.11.06.