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    Adobe Central to Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 migration

    sandipm28813338 Level 1

      Hi All,

      We're looking for migrating thousands of Central Output Server family forms/templates to AEM forms/templates. We are trying AEM designer import function to import Central forms. Its helping us with conversion but its not doing it perfectly right, means not 100% correct. By import, we're achieving near about 80%. We need to manually match it to its perfectness. Its taking long time to do it manually hence we're looking for some automations script.

      So queries are

      1> Is it not possible to achieve 100% correct conversion using AEM import? if not what are the reasons?

      2> Can we write any automation script/program using any language? I mean will it be possible or are there any constraints with AEM & Central?


      Kindly help.


      Thanks in advance