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    Mac Pro  v MacBook Pro with external monitor for cc2017 LR and PS


      Not liking the iMac 27" monitor and I already have a good monitor I am stuck between choosing between these. Portability might be useful but not essential. Cons with MacBook Pro is RAM is limited to 16GB and may need expensive battery replacement in a few years time. Con with Mac Pro is that it is  2013 technology. I use Lightroom for importing Raw files from full frame and cropped image sensor cameras, cataloguing and some basic adjustments then import to Photoshop for Cloning, healing, brushing, some filters etc .Layers are used quite a lot and I Print up to A3 from Photoshop.

      For MacBook Pro I would buy recently announced updated model with 4Gb video memory. For the Mac Pro  I would go for the base model with 6 core processor and upgrade the RAM later if necessary but which is better? the AMD Fire Pro D500 or the D700 processors.

      Which of these alternatives provides the best/fastest Lightroom and Photoshop performance?

      If there is anybody who has experience or knowledge of these Macs running this software and can offer advice  I would much appreciate it.