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    Repeat Grid tool, with data from text file. Choose fill direction.


      I ran into a problem with the repeat grid tool when I try to fill it with real data I put in a return separated file.

      I cannot seem to find a wat to steer how the data is put into the grid.




      I have a website nav that looks like so:


      Item 1          Item 5

      Item 2          Item 6

      Item 3          Item 7

      Item 4          Itiem 8


      Now imagine a txt file reading








      Now for this time I want to fill the grid in this way:


      a     e    

      b     a

      c     b

      d     c


      filling the columns downwards first before moving to the second column


      But I cannot find out how too do that since Adobe XD currently fills the grid like so


      a     b

      c     d

      e     a

      b     c


      It first fills up the row before going down.


      Any ideas how I can get Adobe XD to do what I want?