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    Which intel i7 processor is better for After Effects?


      Hello all,


      A very simpleton question, no doubt. But I'm hoping someone could give me some guidance on which i7 processors are better suited for editing on Premiere and moreso, After Effects? Also, is there processors I should avoid for these two programs? No interest in what's better for gaming or whatever. Just video editing.



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          a 6 core/12 thread cpu is a good starting point for premiere and AE. the current entry intel 6 core is the i7-6800k, but intel is going to be releasing new cpu's soon so it might be worth waiting for those. processors to avoid would be 4 core or less, or low power versions with low clock speeds. amd also has some new cpu's out that are more budget friendly, amd Ryzen 6 and 8 core that cost similar to intel 4 or 6 core. pc mfg's like hp and dell should be releasing some computer towers with the new amd ryzen cpu's soon too.


          if you use AE most of the time and want to focus your cpu choice for AE, then you will want to focus on high clock speeds as AE doesn't always use more than 4 cpu cores. the intel 4 core can typically be overclocked higher and also have higher base speeds that tend to help with AE.

          https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Adobe-After-Effects-CC-2015-3-CPU-Comparison-84 7/