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    Folder is Missing After a Rename


      Using Lightroom CC2015.10.1, Windows 10:


      When I Export as Catalog, or even export images, I get the usual Windows panel for me to select a place to put the exported catalog or images, depending on what I'm doing. I usually select a place, then create a new folder, which is named "New Folder" by default. It's always highlighted so I can enter a name. When I enter the new name and press the enter key, the folder reverts to the "New Folder" name. When I click on the "New Folder" again, I'm told by Windows that it can't find the new folder. When I back out of the operation, and go back through Windows Explorer to check on things, I find that the "New Folder" was indeed renamed, which is probably why Windows can't find it in Lightroom.


      This acts like a bug in Windows. The trouble is, it only happens when I'm using Lightroom. When I'm just in Windows doing essentially the same operation, which is creating and renaming folders, I don't have the problem.


      I've been poring through several ideas for a fix by editing carious entries in the System Registry, but nothing's worked so far.


      So, I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and found a solution to this issue?