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    My web do not scroll??

    nilleg57851248 Level 1

      I have now released my web nilleviking.com, but it won't scroll. Why?


      I have mede it in Muse

      Dropbox - NilleVikingCom.muse


      Also I have problem that images not are fixed to the text so it some times cover over the text...What to do?

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Wow! You force us to download a 170+ MB site and don’t tell us where exactly we can find your problems! It’s guessing time!

          • Which page exactly doesn’t scroll (in which direction)?
          • Which images cover which text? (One or two examples will be enough; we don’t want to re-invent your site. )
          • And why on earth you let us guess and investigate, why not a single element is selectable (-> locked layers)?
          • And when the layers are unlocked, we see, that there are many elements locked individually too! It’s a real pain to analyse this site!
          • The problem in many cases is, that you don’t place images, but fill it into a rectangle, which only scales horizontally. Consequence: The image (and text within) is cropped (Example: Page Clothes/"What you like to make one youself") Whatever that means!
          • Why did you define your minimal page width as 1024 px? That wont work on mobile devices.
          • You use forms. Forms aren’t responsive in the actual version of Muse. Therefore they don’t scale vertically and the text near by overlaps them, when scaling the browser window
          • Be aware, that no element can’t push down another one, when/if they overlap This is standard with most of your text frames..

          Puh. I could continue for hours and hours in this way!

          I recommend you to read this thread. It may be helpful to identify the issues of your site:


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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            I am very interested as well.

            On my side the site scrolls perfect in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

            I still realize, that from an earlier thread to the same site, that still your menu buttons are sliding over each other.

            At the moment your site is restricted to users with screens with a minimum resolution of 1600. On smaller screens"photos", less photos to see .

            For your text and photo grouping, Guenter has the right answer.

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              nilleg57851248 Level 1

              He he. I'm sorry!

              1.clothes, experimental archaeology, and techniques do not scroll.

              2.The problem with the images covering the text maight be because I have not worked enough with the respensivity.

              3. I'm sorry again.

              4. Is it a problem if some elements are locked when publishing? - and thank you for the proof reading ;-)

              5. Yes I will change with for mobil and make a hamburger

              6. do you know of an alternative to forms in Muse?


              And Yes this has been a very step learning curve for my old head!! Thank you for al you help.

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                fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                1) on my side all pages on all browsers

                2) I recommend to use fix width breakpoint and rearrange your elements to your needs and design purposes.

                    You watch this, if you like: Muse not redirecting to tablet version  from here downwards.

                Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-07 um 18.15.23.png


                If you then design from breakpoint to breakpoint, it makes it easier for organization.