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    Making a drop down box required if there is any text in a certain text box


      Hi there. I have searched and searched and seen this question answered in reverse (making a text field required from a drop down field answer) but not making a drop down field required if there is text in a text field. I'm hoping this is fairly simple but I have very little experience with this type of editing. I have a pdf (Adobe Acrobat Distiller XI) with an individual's personal information; name, address, etc. I have two check boxes that I only want as" required" if there is text entered in the name
      field. If there is a name in the name field then both boxes should always be required. The form has spaces for 8 individuals and sometimes there may only be two people listed on the form so I don't want the boxes required for the sections that are blank. Also I am using this PDF in a program that auto-fills the personal information from records we have on file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!