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    ¡Qué difícil!


      Hello friends.



      I am a professor of Physics and Chemistry. My web "laquimicafacil.es" is full of animations and presentations made with Flash AS2.



      Nowadays my students consult internet using their Android and iOS-based mobile phones



      I decided to transform my web so they could check my page from their mobile devices.



      Well, I'm about to throw in the towel, it's very, very complicated and presents many complications. I'll explain.



      So far my animations were done with Macromedia Flash MX 2004 to Flash CS6 and incorporated them into my website with FrontPage. It was very simple.



      Currently, for it to be seen on mobile devices and tablets I must first pass my animations to HTML5 with which I lose a lot of ActionScript code in the transformation, plus in HTML5 Canvas from Adobe Animate CC there are no buttons like faders, commands like hitTest ,. .; I could not convert most of my files to HTML5 at 100%.



      The second part is to insert the animation (Adobe Animate CC oam file in HTML5) on my web page.

      With FrontPage it was very simple.

      Today, with DreamWeaver, Muse or Adobe Edge Animate is much more complicated and limited.

      I thought that everything was going to be much more advanced but the reality is that it is not so. It's very complicated for people who do not have HTML knowledge.



      The truth is that there will be many people who, like me, end up leaving and drifting their webs with Flash content until they die little by little.



      Is there anyone there like me?

      Do you see any solution other than pharaonic work?



      A greeting

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          bottom line is that there's no easy way to convert from actionscript 2 (or 3) to html5.  much (but not necessarily all) of your code can be converted to html5/canvas (eg, there is a hittest, there are ways to 'fade' objects etc) but it will take work/time.  if you don't have the expertise/time you can hire someone to do the work for you.

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            estebanm65000171 Level 1

            I began to make the animations so that my students understood better the physics and the chemistry, but, to have to pay for it ...

            It is a pity that so much material is lost.

            Greeting from Spain :-)

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              all your frame-by-frame and timeline-tweened animations will probably convert to html5 with no extra work.  but all your code will need to be converted to createjs/javascript.