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    Problem folder in !SSL! RoboHelp project folder

    John_Meidl Level 1

      I have a folder named MSHO... in the !SSL! folder of my RoboHelp project. Inside that folder is the Word document named MSHO...




      This generated an error message when I moved a copy of the project to a backup drive. Then I tried to delete the MSHO... folder from the !SSL! folder on my local drive, but I get an "Item Not Found" message (see below), and I was unable to delete that folder. I have been able to delete the Word document inside the MSHO... folder.



      I'm suspecting that the three periods in the folder name are causing the problem. I would like to delete this folder because I need to protect this project: I don't want anything buggy in it.


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      Update: I just opened the RoboHelp project, and clicked the Outputs(SSL) tab, and deleted MSHO..., but still the MSHO folder appears in Windows Explorer.


      (I am using RoboHelp 2015.)