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    Adobe Muse SEO Not Working Correctly


      I am near completing my site. I have edited the Page Properties and have changed the Page Title and the Page Description, as well as have entered in some keywords for all 7 of my webpages. When I go on Google and search for the site I  have published, the Page Title is incorrect in the Google search results (it is the old description that I used to use) and also the Page Description is incorrect - it is not the description that I entered in the Page Properties section. Instead the description is pulling from a random paragraph from each page. However, the Page Title is correct once you actually click on the page and are viewing it. How do I fix this?


      I have read the article below and followed everything to a T. I made to sure to save my changes, export as HTML, overwrite all files, and I have also made sure to clear my browser history and all cached internet  files before I view the site on Google. Nothing works. PLEASE HELP. I am so frustrated with Muse, it is one problem after another.


      Search engine optimization for Adobe Muse websites

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Did you finish right now? Breath deeply in and out and – patience. It needs at least one or two weeks before your new site is crawled enough to get listed with your new content, with your sitemap and if the site got indexed from google or similar search engines.

          You could maybe speed it a little bit up, if many other sites link to your site – normally to manage this needs some time as well.


          Does this help?


          What were your other problems?



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            J-26 Level 4

            What's your URL? Have you told webmaster to reindex your page? You can see how to do that here.


            Clearing your cache has nothing to do with the description that Google shows. Google doesn't always show the description you told it to but it will only do this if it thinks it found something more relevant.


            Also, remove your keywords. Those aren't helpful. Google ignores them and Bing only uses them for identifying spammy websites. The documentation that Muse provides on SEO is outdated. This site is helpful for SEO in Muse.

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