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    Contact Form


      Hi. I just created a contact form in cs5.5. I don't know how to make it work. What is the coding for a simple contact form? And where do I place the code EXACTLY?

      I just need it to function!



      Here's my current code:


      <table width="378" border="1" align="left" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" bgcolor="#000033">


                <td width="362"><p>

                  <label for="Name2">Name</label>

                  <input type="text" name="Name2" id="Name2" />



                    <label for="Email">Email</label>

                    <input type="text" name="Email2" id="Email" />



                    <label for="Comments">Comments</label>



                    <textarea name="Comments2" id="Comments" cols="45" rows="5"></textarea>



                    <input type="submit" name="Submit2" id="Submit2" value="Send" />




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          tyka65 Level 1

          Way beyond me! Can't follow it. Isn't there a simple code to create a contact form? I can use jotform but I want to create my own forms. I don't like 3rd. partyies.



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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            There's no simple way without coding to send emails from a form without a 3rd party.  Given that Nancy's article is way beyond you, I would recommend a 3rd party.  There are a lot of options out there with 3rd parties.  What do you not like about your current provider or what are you looking for?  We might be able to help you with some recommendations if you let us know what your pain points are.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              An html <form> is easy to create, you did it yourself in the original post, though you are missing the <form> tagset that needs to wrap all of your form elements...


              <form action="somescript.php">




              However, by itself, an html form can't actually "do" anything. You need to have some kind of processing script on your server in order to turn form entries into "submitable" and receivable data. Most hosting companies will have a form script readily available (albeit a simple one) on your server along with simple copy/paste instructions on how to attach it to your form.


              You may want to contact your hosting company, or dig through their help guides to see what they have available and if your current server set-up allows for it.

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                tyka65 Level 1

                Hi. I am trying to do Nancy.  I have to save all 3 php codes in my website folder,  then add my email...maybe it'll work. If not I'll just leave my email address for people to click on and phone. I can always use jotform.com.


                Her codes are there...just don't know where to place? I think save in folder and upload like css.css.html. I made my site phone friendly. I guess same way uploading php to my host?



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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Your server must support PHP 5.3 or higher and the PHP mail() function.  If not, the script in my tutorial will not work for you.


                  You need one contact.php file.


                  Inside that file goes:

                  a) the PHP script at the top of your document.

                  b) the HTML <form>

                  c) additional PHP code inside the HTML <form>.


                  You must upload contact.php file to your remote server to test it.


                  If that's too difficult, use a 3rd party service like Wufoo.

                  Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database | Wufoo


                  Posting an email link on your site is like a neon sign to spammers and email harvesters.  It will only generate a ton of spam mail in your inbox.   Believe me, you don't want that.



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                    sambegdouri Level 1

                    You might be interested in the Forms - Materialize plug-in by Google. They have everything set-up for you, and it is responsive. However, you still need to connect it to a PHP script.

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                      tyka65 Level 1

                      I don't know how to connect to php. I used jotform




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                        tyka65 Level 1

                        How do you connect to php? I know how to make the html form....where does php code go? How do you tell it works?


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