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    Is Elements 15 worth the upgrade from 14.


      I was hoping to use the organizer in Photoshop Element a4 as a replacement for Windows Photos Gallery.  I', finding it incredibly slow, especially assigning names to the facial recognition component.  I currently have about 166,000 photos I'm working on.  If Photoshop ;elements 15 is essentially the same organizer there is no reason to spend the money.  So far, in my experience. Photo Gallery did a much better job with the facial recognition and ease of use.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don’t think there were any major changes to facial recognition but there was an editing enhancement to enable adjustment of facial features.  Most of the new features concentrated on editing tools, notably the continued additions to guided and quick edits. The Organizer introduced smart tags, new instant fixes and batch editing.


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