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    Peek out animation pain

    OM26R Level 1


      Did anyone make some "peek out from behind the wall" animation in CH? I've tried peek out test - YouTube

      And it was the pain. I've tried to drag the body (by draggable point on the character), it was awesome, but head didn't want to move with body, stayed at the same position +-. I've tried to make the head like draggable - nothing. Sometimes head moves with body but it scaled unproportionally (i've tried different mode with independent head -welt, hitch, free) and it looks wierd.

      I've tried make the head like Free, than tried to motion track in AE - bad idea. also the bad idea is to bend the body with head (head position by camera input) - you lose every control.

      So i've made in several steps - make an animation with small tilt of the head, animate hand, animate head turns, then animate Rotation of whole puppet, render to png, then the same with right hand. Than export to AE and also applied Position and Rotation animation.

      I thought about interaction with other objects, for example a cup of coffee, can't image how to make it. I saw Mr. Bean was made in CH. i don't know how.

      Is there any short, proper way to animate such animation with leaning, interaction? Or I should to export it to Animate CC or other progtramms with rigs? thx

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          In your first test with dragging the body, if you place the Head group as a child of the Body group (i.e., not at the same level as the Body group), does it work any better?

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            OM26R Level 1

            maybe I did something wrong, but it doesn't help. here are all my attempts (if it will help) peek out problem 2 - YouTube

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              The first animation is really cool, I like the effect. Yeah, AE is how I would have done this too, via dynamic link. Experimenting by

              Or Transform > Rotation, or maybe upping the Face > Head tilt or head position values might help too, those make the head move a lot more and could get the effect you were looking for. Like the Walkbot example has his Head strength set to 400% or something, and is has dramatic effects when you move your own head.


              For object interaction, check out the example of Pickupbot at the bottom of Okay Samurai Puppets. He seems to "pick up" a box. Probably not the type of interaction you're looking for, but just an example.


              If the face is getting distorted that means something is controlling/pulling the face elements that probably shouldn't. If you click the "show mesh" toggle you might get a better view into what these are. Sometime it's as simple as making things independent and stapling them, which helps keep them connected but not susceptible to warping from other stuff.

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                OM26R Level 1

                thx for the answer.

                I think I found more smooth solution for this, I can make small tutorial for your future videos if you want. If short, you don't have to move your head, increase the strength or make the head group like child for other groups. All you need is to add dragable point to Character level, for example, to neck level (just for convenience to drag), and then Head group has the attachment possibility to <draggable> and it works awesome, movements are soft, yeah, it has some difformation on left arm when you peek to the left side, but it's not so huge as you in my 2nd video.

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Glad you figured out a solution! Yeah, experimentation is often the key to figuring things out - this is all new, uncharted territory. Thanks for sharing the solution.