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    Photoshop Install Problems

    ItsKoalaBear Level 1

      Hi, I'm having a problem with Photoshop CC. I bought the single app plan and tried to install Photoshop. It said 0%, then 99% and then open, but only for a few seconds until going back to install. I click install again and the same thing happens, 0%-99%-Open-Install. I uninstalled all Adobe products including Photoshop and Creative Cloud and canceled the plan. I created a new account and bought the Photography plan which had Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom was able to install perfectly fine, but Photoshop had the same issue. I tried Safe Mode with Networking and still had the same issue. I even did System Restore. Right now it's DAY 2 with this Photoshop problem and because of this issue, I had to hand in a Photoshop assignment late. I have more projects that I would like to work on but I can't without Photoshop. Please help and fix.