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    Very slow LR performance

    jakher1927 Level 1

      I recently started to experience very slow performance in LR and have tried a number of things with little change in performance.  When I say slow performance I should identify what I mean.

      - When I am in the Develop module and a try to change something like exposure or clarity or anything else there is a delay of 1-3 seconds between the time I make the change and the time it actually appears.  It is no different if I use the slider or type in a value.  In fact when I use the slider the values actually change dramatically and not smoothly so I have to input actual values or us the left or right arrow.

      - If I try and do an HDR it will take 5 min. or more to complete the merge.

      - If I try to do a Panorama it can take 5-10 min. or more and sometimes I get to about 65% and I then get a "LR Does not Respond" message

      - Today I wanted to upload a book that I had previously made and put into my Collections but ran into more problems.  First the book would not open so I closed LR.  When I reopened LR the book started to appear but the pictures appeared very slowly.  When I went to the 1 or 2 page spread I noticed that the final version I had generated was not appearing with the adjustments I had made.  Then very slowly each picture started to appear with the adjustments but each took 2-5 sec. or more to show up. In the film strip you could see very slowly how the changes appeared and lastly the number appeared at the top of the photo showing how many times it was used in the book.


      My set-up:

      Lenovo desktop with Intel core i7-3770 processor

      Running Windows 10 current version

      RAM 12 GB

      Video card - NVIDIA GTX 980

      Running LR 6.9 current version

      I have turned off "Use Graphics Processor" in Preferences


      Other things I have done:

      - We have run a complete scan and also had Microsoft look at our machine and they ran additional scans and indicated that it was performing well on all other programs but LR.


      It is hoped someone can make suggestions as to what we can do because we are getting very frustrated.


      Herman J.

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          AJarosz Level 1

          Same here. I have issues on both :


          i7 3770K @ 4GHz
          16GB RAM
          GTX 1060Ti
          2xSSD 256 Samsung Evo 850


          i7 7700HQ
          16GB DDR3
          250 GB m2 SSD + 500 GB SSD as a storage


          On the desktop I have delays with using sliders and they don't work smoothly and it's annoying, but I have this problem from very long time, "new" Lightroom CC didn't solve it (I did a fresh install on clean windows).
          On the laptop I can't call it anything different than a disaster. Applying presets takes anything from 5 to 15 (!!) seconds. Delay between moving a slider and it appears is more than second. I can work smoothly on both computers with photoshop, 3dsmax, blender, capture one but LR is a different story. I have problem with both Canon 5dmk3 .cr2 and Nikon d810 .nef.


          GPU acceleration on/off, 2k pictures in the librar. Web browser, LR, PS, blender, capture one and 3dsmax are the only software installled.


          Sorry for capturing it with mobile, but  I didn't want any app to affect it. LR was the only app running.


          Dropbox - VID_20171210_135416.mp4