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    Photoshop inputs freaking out


      I'm running cc2017 on a fairly high end rig; 32gb ram, 6 core cpu, gtx1080ti

      Just began having major problems with inputs from all sources (intuos tablet, keypad, keyboard, mouse) sticking, lagging, unresponding, and sometimes all three at once. I'm not sure why but it only happens when i'm in Photoshop. As a cg artist, I use hotkeys to switch between brush, eraser, rotate canvas, move canvas, lasso, flip horizontal, and undo very quickly in succession, so unresponsive inputs makes photoshop completely unusable for me. I have tried resetting the preferences and reinstalling photoshop completely, to no avail. As i mentioned, this only occurs in photoshop so i know it's not a hardware issue... I've also opened up other programs and randomly press the keys i would usually use in photoshop, with 0 problems. In photoshop, i'd say about half of my inputs are either ignored or stuck (for example if i draw a line with a brush, the line continues to stick to my cursor even after i lift the stylus off of my tablet. or if I use a hotkey to enlarge the brush, it will continue the enlarging command for several seconds even if I stop pressing it)


      There's a deadline quickly approaching and I can't do any work like this.... hope someone can help me out!

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          mandryk Level 1

          im experiencing a simliar issue.  Using CC2018, there seems to be some kind of lag with the hotkeys.  I've tried reinstalling, updating drivers, different keyboards, everything I can think of, and the lag persists.  often i have to tap the hotkey several times for it to 'register'.  This is really frustrating especially with the ALT key for the eye dropper.  HELP!