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    Playhead quirk?


      Hey so i'm relatively new to Flash/Animate but i've definitely worked in it enough to feel familiar with the way things work.


      Maybe i'm losing my mind but i cant move the playhead farther along in the timeline unless there are empty frames there, which is really annoying when i want to scrub ahead and F7 a new frame. I realize i can click on the frame i want to start a new on and hit F7 or F5 to extend the last frame, but i feel like you were able to scrub through the timeline whether there were frames there or not.


      Is this just a patch that i have to deal with?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          At the bottom of the timeline is a horizontal scroller. It's needed to let you scroll around the frames that exist, but does let you go forward up to 800 frames after where frames exist. If you were able to scroll forward to the 16000 limit that is there, you wouldn't have very accurate control over scrolling in the frames that do exist.


          I don't think there is a patch, but you can use the scroller to go forward about 25 seconds, add a frame, then be able to go forward another 25 seconds.


          There is also JSFL, which would let you use a JavaScript command to add a frame at any point. Read this discussion:


          How do you Insert specified number of frames to layer automatically?

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            Ryagumon Level 1

            Thanks for replying.


            The issue isn't so much that I can't scroll past existing frames, it's that the playhead won t move past existing frames.


            For example, if there is only one frame in the timeline and I hit Enter to play, it won t move at all. If there are two frames, it'll only play two frames then stop.


            From what I remember, I was able to move the playhead past all existing frames.

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I hadn't noticed that before. It seems to be the same in Flash Pro CS6, you may be recalling an even older version. So, you click in a later frame cell if you want to add something there, but you can't scrub the playback head to a frame that doesn't exist.

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                Ryagumon Level 1

                ok thanks haha I must be imagining things