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    "Animate is processing strokes. Please wait." BUG


      Hey guys - I've seen this discussed on here before but I have some specific questions.


      I was almost done with 4 hours worth of animating when "Animate is processing strokes. Please wait." popped up along with a progress bar that never moves past 0%. I forgot to save my project when I started, and forgot to save along the way (dumb, I know). I still have my project pulled up as I'm too nervous to restart the program and lose all of my work.


      Typically I have auto-save turned on with all Adobe programs, but I had just re-downloaded the program today and had not turned on any auto-save feature today. I'm on a Macbook Pro running Sierra 10.12.3.


      My questions are :


      - If I quit Animate right now, is there a default feature that will pull up my project when I re-open the program?

      - Is there any possible way to save this project while this "processing" is taking place, even through some weird unconventional way?

      - Essentially, can anything at all be done to recover my work before I roll the dice on quitting the program?


      My work deadline is tomorrow so it is super important that I recover this work - I'm very desperate at this point.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There isn't an auto save option, but there is auto recovery. I think that defaults to 5 minutes. If you have ever saved the FLA the recovery file should be in the same folder as the FLA, and would have a name that starts with RECOVER_. Look for that file.


          There is a feature where if Animate has crashed you will be asked if you want to open a recovery file. You're only asked about the first file, which may well be an untitled one, or one that you don't need. Still say Yes, that way the one you really want will also be opened. Otherwise your answer of No would be accepted for any recovery files that it was going to open for you. If you do get the recovery file open you should then do a Save As to give you a fresh start. If you don't and there's another crash, you would then be dealing with a file named recovery_recovery_YourFLAName.fla, and that would be a confusing file name.


          Does your FLA have embedded H.264 in the timeline? Having that can make the processing strokes issue happen more.


          Adobe have fixed the issue, and if you look in the other discussions about this you can see that Mohan asks people to private message him so that you can try the prerelease build.