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    Recommendations for App Updates on the app stores

    yardsales Level 1

      So when it's time to release an update for a Phonegap app, what are typical solutions?
      I've seen a few plug-ins and something from Microsoft called "codePush" (which doesn't seem particularly suited for use in Phonegap BUILD).


      What do most people do? For now I wrote a quick check when my app starts it compares version numbers with a rev file on the server and pops up a message "Hey you should update" (with an option for MUST update, that disables the app), but that seems kinda lame.


      What's a common practice?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee
          1. Upload new builds to the relevant app store
            1. Does mean app review by the app store
            2. A lot of the reasons why people want to avoid this is because the Apple app store has historically had very long review times. This has improved as of late -- usually down to a day, and sometimes even less.
            3. Other reasons people like to avoid review is because of Apple's finicky rejections. That's not been dealt with. That said, if you follow the HIG (within reason) and your app offers some value beyond what is achievable in a browser, Apple usually lets things through. If Apple thinks your app could work as a website, or if your app looks like a website, etc., Apple will often (but not always) reject. This is inconsistent, so you can pass review with version 1, but then version 1.1 gets rejected because a different reviewer looked at the update.
          2. Use a code push solution
            1. This only works if you haven't added plugins or changed config.xml
            2. Ensure that the solution is secure and not vulnerable to MITM and other attacks
            3. Ensure that the solution works well even with flaky network connections (or lack thereof)
            4. Ensure that the UX of the update is good


          I nearly always advocate for uploading new builds to the app store. It's the safest way from a security perspective, and users are already familiar with the update process from the app store. It also gives users the option of refusing an update if they need to do so. If you're building an enterprise app, #2 is very common.


          Note that notifying users an update is available is different than pushing that update. It's up to you how to check for those updates and what your UX is for that process. If you update through the app store, you can just link to your app's product page on the app store which would let them update from there.


          Does that help any?

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            yardsales Level 1

            That does help. Esp the info about code push and plug-ins.
            As for using my own UX, what is the phonegap way of launching the appropriate "App Store" from within my app (if it can be done). I'm thinking of a 'click here to update' button on my app screen