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    When exporting to idml some images change to 50% transparency

    davew68822712 Level 1

      I am using CC 2017 and have a problem with some files and some of the images contained within that file.



      When I export as idml some random images change to 50% transparency. Some of the files or images will stay as 100% transparency.


      Saving indd to a new indd keeps 100% transparency, but as soon as I export to idml, it reduces to 50%.


      I've cross checked files where the transparency remains at 100% and the files where it reduces to 50% after exporting to idml. I can't see any differences in preferences or setup.


      I have copied an image from an ok file into one that I know reduces to 50% and it does the same thing. It leads me to think that it is a particular issue with that file's settings, but it is random and not all images.


      Anyone seen this before?


      Any ideas would be much appreciated.