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    Help! understand cs4 flash "Project"

      Ok, In cs3 flash project was nice it did what i needed but now it seems to take more time. the reason may be I'm not using it for the reason usually used so new operations and features where not geared to my usage. sorry for any spelling problems or miss-usage of words.

      How I use project. I use it to batch publish 10-100 files while i go get a coffee.

      so why am i writing this.
      the cs4 version dose some things that i hope someone knows a way around.
      1. so i have my project file and all my flash files open(open in project not open as a document) and now i have to check off each 10-100 files i want to publish. waist of time. i understand why its done but anyone know a check all function?
      2. in cs3 fash would hide the publishing visualy from me and just output the file name to an output window when completed. in cs4 it opens the file publishes and closes it then moves to the next one. why? i don't need to see this and i feel its slowing the process. is it?
      3. ok side note cause i just dont know if its possible but is there a way to override the publish settings for all the files to follow one set way. example say i have 3 flies in the publish settings file A says publish a jpeg and a swf, file B says publish a mov and file C says publish a gif to a different location say my desktop not the folder its in like the others. ok, now is there a way to make them say publish as just a swf(or whatever) to say a new empty folder named say new folder on the desktop. basically overriding the publish settings.

      ok thanks for any help and making my day shorter. if you know of anything that might be easer please post