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    Why can I edit Stamp PDF's in browser?

    Skyzar Level 1

      I have the Adobe Reader Plug-In for Internet Explorer. Yes IE11.




                               Normal PDF:

      Literally what it says. What we all use for our documents.


                               Stamp PDF:

      This PDF is the resource for stamps. This is where they are saved. They have the same .pdf extension.

      They are stored under "app.getPath('user', 'stamps')" AND "app.getPath('app', 'stamps')" when typing into console.




      I can open "normal" PDF's in IE and view them but not edit them. This is until I fooled around and opened a STAMP PDF in IE and I could basically do whatever I wanted to with the PDF. Add content of any sorts. Why is this? I would like to edit my normal PDF's in the browser. I thought this wasn't possible. Was this overlooked by Adobe?


      Thanks in advance.