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    Flatten PDF without defects?


      I need to export an ad that I've created in InDeisgn for print in a newspaper which I don't have any experience with, the production team has asked that I flatten the images and remove the transparency.

      My understanding is that I do this by selecting PDF/X-1a (compatibility Acrobat 4) preset when exporting to PDF which will flatten my file for me. However, this creates a lot of 'defects' in the PDF. For example a white border line around an area of drop shadow. My question is, will this show up and affect the final print quality of the ad? Or better, what is a way I can flatten my file without getting defects?

      I have checked the 'output preview; in Acrobat and the white box outline still shows even when I preview 'simulate overprinting' . I haven't used any pantone or spot colours.


      I have also tried flattening the PDF from Acrobat but this just created even worse defects in my PDF file.


      THANK YOU!