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    After Effects - Exporting "Camera Tracking" info back into Premiere???


      Hi All, I'm working on a scene that has a camera panning very slowly along a wall. In AE I've added a circular graphic to the wall, so it looks like its painted on.
      I've "Camera Tracked" the scene so the circular graphic sits on the correct plane. When I play it back, in AE, it looks great. So far so good.
      You should know, to get the graphic looking correct, I used the raw, unedited footage of the wall, just as guide. I don't want to import that guide footage back into Premiere, just the circular graphic.


      So here's where I'm getting stuck. All I want to do is simply import said tracked circular graphic, on its own (without the raw guide footage) into my Premiere project, so it's sits on top of my edited wall footage.

      But, first of all the size is all wrong, i.e. way too big (not how looked in AE) and secondly it just sits stationary, and doesn't move with the camera/wall, as per the tracking?.


      I can't get it to work using the dynamic link either. After Effects


      Can anyone help?. I am new to this software, so it's obviously something I'm doing wrong/don't understand.


      Many thanks in advance.