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    Datagrid focus lost with real time linechart refresh

      I have to make a real time trend with a line chart and a datagrid used to get parameters. And when the datagrid gets the focus in the itemEditor, it loses the focus each time the linechart axis are updated. After analyse, it seems the linechart raise an Resize Event, and this event is dispatched to all TextInput instances, and specially to the item editor text input instance with an 'OTHER' datagrid event reason. Event if the event is prevented (preventDefault), in the item editor end event, it is destroyed. The only way I found to avoid this is to change the event reason in the item editor end event, but this way I get others unwanted effects. And if I use the disabledAutoUpdate() method, the linechart is not refreshed anymore which is a problem for my application.

      I don't understant why the linechart resize event has to destroy the item editor in a complete independant datagrid.

      Here is a sample code of this problem, it's quite impossible to input data in the data grid.
      Thanks for help.