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    Size Tween?




      I was wondering if you could help me.  I'm just out of college and working at a company, using Character Animator for the first time.  I've used things like Flash and Blender in the past in regards to animation.  First I should say I absolutely love the program and found it very easy to get the hang of it.


      I have a character in my animation that I want to cross the screen, then come back to the center, and grow in size.  The character in question is an insect that goes from being in the "distance" to flying up close to the camera.  When I use things like the transform behaviour on the puppet and change its scale, it just changes the scale of the puppet throughout the project, rather than in selected clip that I want it to.


      On a side note, I am using the dragger tool to move my character around the screen and record it.  I have the After Move set to Hold in Place.  So while I record it, it works beautifully.  However, when I go on to record the next clip, it defaults to its original position, and not the position that it was at at the end of the previous clip, which seems counter intuitive.


      Both issues are probably staring me in the face, and are easily to fix, but I'm going a little insane trying to figure them out.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Character mobility can be cumbersome at times using dragger or transform. Personally, I would probably do those in After Effects via dynamic link using their position/scale tools. For a fly character though, you might want to try upping Face > Head Scale to some huge amount and recording the scale change with your head getting closer/further away from the camera.


          Yeah, Dragger can be confusing. Basically because Dragger is "armed" - red dot is on - regardless of what you've recorded, it's defaulting to its original position to look for live data coming in. If you disarm it, it should defer to your recording. This is a common point of confusion - "rehearse" mode vs. recording/playback, and we're looking into ways to make this easier for users to understand.


          If you wanted the dragger to stick but work on other draggers, you could add extra dragger behaviors to the character. Arm one, record it, disarm it and arm the next one, record it - the original dragger performance should show up. That's how a lot of people do it when recording two arms, so they can see both draggers simultaneously instead of one defaulting back to its rest position.

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            daniels77052460 Level 1

            Thanks for the help!