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    Behavior "open browser window"

      DW cs4 behavior "open browser window" not working in Firefox.

      I can't get this behavior to work in Firefox. It will work in IE, and a behavior to "open browser window" I created using an older version of DW works in Firefox.

      Here is the old code that works in Firefox:

      "MM_openBrWindow('images/studio1/mothersmilk.jpg','','width=500,height=277')">Nov '07 Blake Harrison</a></span></li>
      <li><a href=" http://christianharkness.tripod.com/studio1.html" onclick=

      Here is the new "open browser window" code that is not working for me in Firefox, but works in IE:

      <div id="apDiv16" onfocus="MM_openBrWindow('editionedprints/waterwomen/atribute.html','','scrollbars=yes,re sizable=yes,width=700,height=700')">&quot;Cedar Key WaterWomen&quot;</div>

      Thanks for any help or advice!