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    Feeling helpless about "Aesthetic or Commercial Appeal"


      Dear community,


      first of all, excuse any misspelling, poor english and false grammar. English is not my native language. I hope you can get the point of my problem.


      (By the way: It would be a nice idea to ask some native speakers to translate the phrases to their language. Some german translations on this web page really doesn´t have the same meaning as the english wording)


      I´m new to Adobe Stock, so I´m still trying to find my way and get a feeling of the rules. In some cases, I´ve got no problem in understandig the causes for rejecting one or another of my fotos, even if I would come to another conclusion. In other cases, I have no clue, what is the problem, if I compare my works with similar pictures in the stock. I´m totally aware, that many similar pictures in the stock could be the argument for not taking another one with no further benefit.


      The following picture ist one of the cases, I don´t understand:


      This is a mushroom, called in german "Erdstern", which means something with star and earth or soil. If you search for "Erdstern", you get some results, some of them quite similar in colour und surrounding area, but most of them don´t look star-shaped at all. So, in my opinion, the benefit of this picture could be to have an obvious explanation for the name.


      So, if any picture of this kind of mushroom at all is wothy for getting listet at Adobe Stock, why this one is worse than the listed ones?


      On the other hand the following one was listet:


      Don´t get me wrong. I´m happy, this one was accepted. I just don´t understand the difference.


      Perhaps you have some helpful clues for me. Thanks a lot!


      Kind regards,