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    CC InDesign 2015 freezes up after opening a file


      I have a user that is trying to work in InDesign 2015 and they will open an InDesign file (doesn't seem to matter which one).  She can work in the file for a few minutes and then suddenly the program will freeze and not even end task in the task manager will get rid of the window.  It only goes away using a hard boot.  There are no Events in the event viewer indicating the crash.  I have had the user clear the preferences by deleting the InDesign folder in C:\Users\username\appdata\local and roamin\Adobe.  I had them reboot and it continues to happen.  I also completely uninstalled InDesign 2015 using the check box to clear preferences.  I then rebooted, reinstalled and ran our License bat to re-license the product.  The issue persists.  I am out of ideas at this point. 


      No others are having the same problem if that helps.  If you have any suggestions or questions regarding additional troubleshooting, please let me know.  I am a bit of an Adobe newbie so please be patient with me.