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    Crashes constantly when using Overdrive books.


      As of about 10:00 this evening, Digital Editions has become worse than useless when using Overdrive, the digital library my physical library has a membership in. Every time I try to download an Overdrive book, ADE crashes. When I reopen it, it pretends the book is there--but if I try to open it, it crashes again. Try to move the book to my Nook? Crashes. No fix, no error message--it just freezes for a minute until Windows tells me it's stopped responding.


      Less troublesome but more annoying, these books stay there. No matter what I do. I'm up to five ghost files in my library (I tested various workarounds to see if any of them would let me use these files). They've all been returned according to the Overdrive catalog. They've all been deleted from my computer and don't even appear in the ADE manifest, and yet, every time I open ADE, there they are. ADE even prompts me every time to be sure I want to delete the files, even though I tell it every time not to ask me again.


      There is of course the possibility that this is a problem with Overdrive, not ADE. But given that the files are staying in ADE, it seems to be on Adobe's end. I have restarted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled ADE, installed an older version of ADE that supposedly didn't have the known glitch of leaving deleted files in the library, and deleted every mention of the actual files from my computer. I can easily download other EPUB books and can import those EPUB books to my ADE library without trouble.


      Any input on what might be causing this or any suggested workarounds is appreciated.

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          In my case the problem occurs with acsm format files for newer ebooks and does not happen with older books regardless of the source.  I believe it is an Adobe problem because it happens when ADE is trying to process the acsm file which it cannot complete. It has nothing to do with which ereader you use since it occurs before you try to transfer it to the ereader.

          I do not understand how Adobe has ignored the problem for years and judging by the large number of posts with the same problem, it is very widespread.  If Adobe wants us to use ADE and nothing else, they had better fix it so it works consistently.