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    Create Multiple Branching options

      Hello All,

      I am a new user. I am not able to determine how I would record a session where there are multiple correct actions. I am creating a demo on a PeopleSoft application. I want users to know that they can access different pages from the main headings, the side headings or the drop down and each option is correct. Can I achieve this by taking particular action while recording?

      Thanks in advance
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          tim.munroe Level 1
          Hello CBE,
          If you want to show multiple ways to navigate correctly, you would need to record it one way, then in editing go back to that screen and add the other 2 correct possibilities (clickboxes). There really isn't a way to add multiple correct actions on the fly while recording.

          But that is not really branching

          Lets say you get to that fork in the road, where a user could use multiple ways to move on to the correct item maybe by different paths which would require different screens (all roads leading to rome).

          Record all three into the same file (or multiple files if you like) then use your fork in the road to point to the slide where the path would be different, and by your description all come back to one. That is simple branching.

          Hope that helps,
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            Tim is right, you cannot record the branching but you can go back and add it in where you want the links. You may also want to add a link from the target page back to the main screen to let people test or see the various links. Give the participant control over the navigation.

            You could also put a rollover at each heading or dropdowns that show a small picture of the result page. It depends on how much you want to show on any one screen.