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    RoboHelp 2017 Crashes, No Topics When Reopened

    writer0101 Level 1

      This has happened twice in the last few days.

      RH crashes. When I reopen RH, none of the topics that had been open are now open as they usually are. In addition, each entry in the TOC has a red X on it because...no topics appear in the Project Manager pod. Windows Explorer displays the topics and I can open them from there (thank goodness) but, no matter how I open RH, I get the same empty folder where my topics should appear. When it happened the first time. I found that I was running 2 instances of RH: one had topics and one did not. This time that is not the case. I've tried closing and reopening RH but to no avail. Is there a file that I could replace from a backup copy of the project? If so, which one(s)?