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    Can't download single images after subscription exceeded

    SasserCreative Level 1

      This has happened before and is happening again. I get 10 images free with my subscription, and then I'm supposed to be able to buy single images at $2.99 each from this point. When I go to buy, I get this error:

      Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 5.18.11 PM.png

      The card is good, though. In fact, it's the one my CC subscription is charged through. There is currently plenty of money on it. I also tried another payment method, and the same thing is happening. In fact, I took that screen shot with the new payment method. I called customer support, and they couldn't figure it out. I was sent to sales, who could only offer more expensive monthly plans, which I don't need (I usually go over my 10 credits, but not enough to bump up to an additional 20 credits a month, especially since a lot of my images have to come from iStock, Stocksy, or People Images. Anyhow, it puts me in a bind when I am supposed to have designs over to my client, and I can't get the needed images. So sales sent me back to support, who said they couldn't figure it out, and they tried to send me back to sales.


      Theoretically I could just buy these images off of iStock or another source, but they would cost more, and the $2.99 is supposed to be part of the benefit of the big bucks I pay for my CC+ subscription.


      Is this only happening to me? If so, I can't figure out why. I've tried ordering using different browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox). I've tried with different payment methods. I've tried while strapping an armadillo to my back. No luck.