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    Pentax K-S2 PEF files suddenly not recognized.


      I have recently purchased the (NON CC) version of Lightroom 6. I have created catalogs and have been working on many photos successfully. Following one of the Adobe "how to" videos, I wanted to try out the Dehaze and realised it's not in the non-cc version, and would have to implement an upgrade or a "plugin" (Prolost). I attempted first to upgrade Adobe Lightroom. Shutting down Lightroom - but when I restarted i got an error saying Lightroom couldn't be found. I re-installed it and now ALL of my photos in Develop come up with "The file is not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom". All the Develop options are greyed out. I see that the .PEF files from the K-S2 are supported by the Lightroom 6.1 (on page Cameras supported by Camera Raw ) but don't understand why I have happily been using LR6 for a few weeks fine with photos from my KS-2.


      Please can someone help??


      thank you very much