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    Screen focus moves between clips in expert mode at magnification


      I just installed Mac Premiere Elements 15 (have used 11 and 14 previously) on a new computer.  I import mp4 video files (1280 x 720)- one in video/audio 1, the other in video/audio 2.  I'm using Expert mode.  I apply the Transformation-Crop tool to video 2 and crop video 2.  I want to edit around the area I just cropped so I magnify it, to say, 150% and move the focus to the crop area (which is relatively small).  I make an adjustment (lighting-brightness) in the color to video 2 which I want to apply to maybe one frame so I clip the frame and make the adjustment.  When I move (via scroll left key) to the previous frame (which is now a different clip), what's visible on the window shifts outside of where it was originally.  This doesn't happen in Quick mode (but I think Quick mode is useless for what I'm doing).  It also doesn't happen if I have video 1 (the non-cropped clip) selected/highlighted and then scroll - only if video 2 is selected/highlighted.  It worked as expected in Premiere Elements 14 on a different computer.  Is this a bug or is something that maybe unique to my computer?


      (I tried searching "magnification expert" but didn't find any relevant posts.)