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    Rotating and cropping 'snapping' problem in LR Mobile for Android?

    BD Bake

      Does anyone experience difficulty making precise crops and rotates in the LR Mobile App?  For me, the motion snaps back and forth several pixels/degrees, snapping right past the desired point, making a precise adjustment very difficult.  Drives me bonkers.  It happens on both my devices, and has does so for a very long time (ever since the beginning, I think).  I've brought it to Adobe several times, and they cop out saying it works fine on their device.  I've even sent them video clips.


      Am I the only one experiencing this?

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          TotallyUnstoppable Level 3

          Adobe is wrong. It's been a problem on all my devices - Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, OnePlus 3.

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            BD Bake Level 1

            Yes, it has happened on every device I have ever had LR Mobile installed on.  Adobe Customer Support just can't seem to help.


            Now I have an issue where the App will not add photos from my device in any way, shape, or form.  It pretends to add them.  No error is posted.  The photos just simply do not add.  Do I bring this to Adobe?  I'm not going to waste any more of my time.

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              It is definitely not just you... I have seen this on my last 3 phones, including a brand new Galaxy S8+ that should, without question, be powerful enough to handle the requirements of any reasonable commercial Android application. The fact that Adobe seems to be unable or unwilling to perform basic usability testing with such normal, mainstream flagship devices is mind boggling.  The ridiculous degree of neglect for quality control on display here is so extreme that I am unable to envision an explanation outside one of these two possibilities:


              -Adobe's quality control and testing processes for LR Mobile are simply nonexistent, or, at best, comically inadequate (and possibly a problem unique to Android platforms: although I have no experience with other versions, I would not be shocked to learn that the iPhone version is indeed much more polished); or,


              -Adobe is aware of, but is unwilling or incapable of addressing, the serious usability issues with LR Mobile for Android that even a novice tester could easily expose within 15 minutes of usability testing.  This definitely includes the aforementioned cropping precision problem.  (This problem is not always restricted to just the cropping tool; it can sometimes also be observed when using other such slider controls.  I have struggled in similar fashion when changing various exposure/white balance/tone/etc. settings, resulting in a bizarre dance with the app where you have to keep trying and hope that the app randomly decides to settle on a value close to the one that you are hoping for and then having to decide whether to waste more time trying to 'get closer', or just surrender and accept the value as 'close enough'.  However, the crop/rotate tool does seem to most reliably exhibit the problem, and on my current phone, is also prone to spontaneously crashing the entire LR Mobile application without warning.)


              It would be vastly more professional and confidence-inspiring if Adobe would at least say 'yes, we know there are devices out there that have serious problems, and we are in the process of fixing them'.  Instead, they fail to release updates to address widespread issues such as this one, and continue to ignore (or, worse, deny) the fact that these problems are badly damaging to the usability of this app on normal, everyday, mainstream Android devices.  In doing so, Adobe forces paying customers to wonder whether this situation is rooted in incompetence, indifference, or dishonesty.  I see no other possibilities that can explain such how such blantant and pervasive defects remain unaddressed more than 2 years after release.


              The truth is that Lightroom Mobile for Android is an app that Adobe promotes as  being of sufficient quality for widespread commercial release, but in reality is an underfunded and loosely-monitored background project that has been stuck in extended beta for several years.  That's a real shame, because it is a tremendously powerful tool that gets a whole lot of things right, and has stunning potential for wide-ranging utility.  Yet, for those of us whose devices fail to meet some unknown (or unpublished) mystery criteria, the user interface shortcomings are enough to render it almost completely unusable, and after accounting for user frustration and loss of time invested, could plausibly be considered as an outright detraction from the value of the Creative Cloud photography package.