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    Looking for advice - Can I create an epub with animation and ability to enter text?


      Hi Everyone,


      I am self-taught on Adobe Indesign and a true novice so please keep this in mind when responding


      I create teaching resources in Indesign which I publish as PDFs and the teachers download them and print them out to use them with their students in their workbooks. I would like to also create these documents as digital resources that could be used on an iPad or laptop within a paperless classroom. I would like these documents to be animated - sections that scroll back or fly in etc and I would also like students to be able to enter text into sections and save the document as their own for marking/demonstration.  Is this possible? I can see that I can add animations to a document set to digital publishing but is it possible to add text and save it as a new file? (like you do for a form or interactive pdf)


      All advice is greatly appreciated!


      Thank you


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