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    Animating in Photoshop, FPS Drops in Playback


      First of, here's the basic specs of my Surface Pro3:

      Intel i5

      8GB Ram

      Win 10 Pro 64bit

      256gb SSD storage


      I use the Surface to create my animation assignments (drawing out each frame) and I noticed when I play back my animation, the frames usually plays below the 24fps I set it at. It's a problem for me because when I export my animation, I find out my animation is too fast since I couldn't see it play back at the proper fps. I hope this doesn't involve having a better processor and such.  I'd like to know if there's a way that I can get photoshop to play at 24fps consistently. If it is affected by my specs, what specs should I be aiming for?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This is nothing you can control. PS is not a video editing/ compositing app with guaranteed framerates for previews. It simply doesn't have the technical basis for it and with so little RAM it simply doesn't have enough resources to cache it all to memory plus a slow tablet SSD doesn't have enough I/O speed to support disk caching efficiently, either. You have to live with it. that said, you can always try other non-Adobe apps for cell animation or use otehr complementary software for flipbooks, playblasts and all that.