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    how to get a movie clip to replay?


      hi! i've got a movie clip containing a menu that shows up/hides when buttons are pressed. the first time the menu shows up, it plays an animation. every subsequent time that a button is pressed to open the menu, there is no animation. how can i get the animation to replay every time the button is pressed? i've tried writing menu.play();, menu.prevFrame();, MovieClip(menu.root).play(); etc. but none of those commands do anything. does anyone have any ideas? thank you in advance!


      edit: also, an unrelated question but in case anyone knows, when the menu is closed, the music from the menu still continues playing despite the button being told to stop all sounds (SoundMixer.stopAll();). does this have something to do with the fact that the button and sound are inside of the movie clip? because buttons on the main stage are able to stop the sound without a problem.