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    filming 25fps or 50fps then using timewarp

    alvanylander Level 1



      I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on filming at 25fps then using slow motion instead of filming at 50fps and then slowing it down. Timewarp uses pixel motion blending, or whatever it's called, so i feel the slow mo is still quite smooth and i don't loose as much resolution as i would if i would be filming at 50fps, but i'm still not sure if it produces the best results!


      I'm shooting with a Canon EOS REBEL 550D/T2i. When you optimize filming conditions, 720p instead of 1080p doesn't have to look that much worse either so I'm lost.


      I'm filming a music video and i don't have a stabilizer so I will be working with slow motion and the warp stabilizer to smoothen my handheld footage.